4 Tips to Organize Your Warehouse


The warehouse is one of the most important parts of your business. Warehouse and inventory management can make or break your whole enterprise as it affects production, sales, and distribution among others. A poorly maintained warehouse could lead to wastage that could cost a lot of money while a well-oiled machine of a warehouse can lead to increase in profits for the business.

Maintaining and organizing a warehouse may not be as daunting as you think. All it takes is a few pointers to follow and you’ll be on your way to a systematized and organized inventory process.

Sort your items – What’s the first rule of organization? Get rid of the clutter.
Just like organizing a home, you need to sort which item stays or goes. Remove the garbage, items you don’t need, and unwanted inventory. Convert the stale inventory to cash through discounted sale or donate the useful items to charity.

Label your inventory – Identify your items.
Use different coloured tags and labels to identify your inventory. Furthermore, you can use a software inventory system for large warehouses to easily manage large amount of stocks. A variety of stickers and labels are available on the market specifically for inventory management.

Post safety warehouse signs – Make your warehouse a safe for your workers.
Safety signs keep workers aware of hazards, required PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), and other safety precautions. As Canada can be considered as a multicultural society, it’s important to have bilingual safety signs and signs with universally-recognizable graphics to bridge any language barrier.

Manage your warehouse traffic – Traffic signs are not just for roads and highways.
Prevent accidents in your warehouse facility with aisle marking, forklift safety signs, pole signs, and more. Guide workers and forklift drivers around your facility with aisle markings like reflective marking tapes that’s essential especially in case of black outs and low light conditions. Custom aisle markers are also available to identify different aisles that hold different items or inventory.

Hanging pole signs warn drivers of vertical clearance to avoid accidents with trucks and forklifts. Install them on your warehouse parking entrance or shipping bay.

Managing your warehouse takes a bit of time and effort but the improvement in efficiency cannot be discounted. The more efficient your warehouse becomes, the less you need to hire extra workers which results to savings on overhead costs. Customize your warehouse according to your business and watch your production grow.



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