About Us

You balance all kinds of priorities. You have to come in on time, on budget, and you have to do it all while ensuring your workers are safe.

We know that because we work with you or people just like you every day, helping you navigate the complex, time-consuming-but-all-important task of keeping your workers safe.

Wherever you are, whether it’s on the floor, out in the field or behind a desk, we’ve worked to help you raise your productivity by offering compliance solutions that reduce lost-time accidents and improve insurance rates. And we’ve tried to help you reduce your risk by offering an unconditional guarantee for accuracy and performance quality.

Over the last few decades as you’ve shopped with us, we’ve learned a thing or two from you. And about you. We’ve learned that safety isn’t just about having the right signs, the right labels, or the right PPE, although all of those things are vitally important.

We know that you are trying to cultivate a culture that strives for zero accidents and 100% compliance.

And we want to help you achieve that goal.

Jobsafety.seton.ca is one small way we hope to give back to every Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Facilities and Grounds Manager, part of a Maintenance crew,  Office Administrator, Safety Manager, Safety Engineer and everyone else responsible for on the job safety.

We’ll regularly offer interviews and articles that will offer insight or even practical, actionable solutions to issues faced by your industry, including young worker safety, skills development, new worker issues and engaging a multi-generational workforce in a better safety culture.

We’ll look at industry events, who’s doing what and help you keep up to speed on compliance and safety news. And we’ll feature¬† the best of what some of you are doing out in your communities to make the world or your corner of it better.

Because that matters to us. You matter to us.

And helping you get your workers home safely each and every night matters to us most of all.