Asset Id Labels: Your Assets’ Silent Protector

Asset Labels


Keeping track of company assets is no walk in the park. So much so that a variety of systems have been created to tackle the problem, from RFID (both active and passive) tracking to GPS asset tracking when dealing with items and devices around the world. While both have their place, we shouldn’t forget about one of the first and still one of the most effective ways of tracking company assets: Asset ID Labels.

Asset ID Labels are cost-effective

Asset Labels, while not as flashy as their GPS or RFID counterparts, are a lot cheaper. Sure, the tracking feature is definitely useful for certain organizations which routinely send some of their assets halfway around the world. However, if the furthest your assets travel is from the facility to a worksite, then why spend more than you need to? With asset ID labels, you save your company thousands of dollars and still end up with a viable method of keeping track of your assets.

Of course, your organization will need to keep track of the different assets via a log book where you can find the location of the item or who the item is assigned to. Each item will have a unique identifying number on it, or a bar code, so that in the event of an asset audit you can quickly and effectively check everything.

Asset ID Labels are easy to integrate into existing systems

It’s hard to get by without some form of asset tracking, be it via log books or a “check-out” method for procuring assets. The labels can easily be added into a variety of existing systems with minimal to no change to your existing workflow.

This makes it more convenient to implement and lowers employee resistance when deploying it to your site. This not only ensures a higher acceptance rate but also keeps your day-to-day operations uninterrupted.

Asset ID Labels prevent the loss of expensive, hard-to-replace equipment

Finally, we get down to the meat and bones of Asset ID Labels: preventing loss. With each asset properly labeled, we can reduce mix-ups as each item is clearly marked with the company’s logo which can help facilitate the return of misplaced items. In addition, it is easy to trace who is responsible for the item and who should be held accountable for it.

Another bonus of Asset ID Labels is that it prevents more unsavory characters from switching out company assets with lower-grade or cheaper items. In essence, these items are not only safe from loss but also from unauthorized replacement.

Inventory Tracking Made Easy With Asset ID Labels

All in all, asset ID labels can prove to be one of the best investments your company ever makes. Implementation and deployment are easy enough and the returns are huge. It will still take a little work to get the maximum benefits from having asset ID labels but trust us when we say that it’s worth it.

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