BCWWA Takes Water Safety Seriously

BCWWA water

We all take water for granted. Turn on the tap and out it comes, clean and clear water.

But the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) takes its water dead seriously.

BCWWA is British Columbia’s leading resource water and wastewater news, information and events for the people working in this vital industry and for the public.

Representing 4,700 members – “the people who ensure water quality and quantity from source to tap and back to the source” – in British Columbia and the Yukon, this not-for-profit association is mandated to “safeguard public health and the environment on all matters related to water and wastewater.”

“British Columbians are making great strides towards becoming more aware of their water and the need to value and protect it, but we still have a long way to go,” BCWWA CEO Daisy Foster said recently.

“British Columbians use more water per day on average than the rest of Canada. People may think we have an abundance of water here in BC, but that’s not true for all areas of our province.”

Climate change, population growth, industrial and agricultural use, and aging infrastructure all put pressure on the water supply and the ability to get clean safe water to our taps and return used water safely to our environment, she said.

BCWWA is responsible for number of important initiatives that endeavor to educate the public and ensure that water and wastewater workers are at the top of their game, maintaining the highest safety standards and providing a voice for their industry.

Here’s what the BCWWA does:

  • An educational resource, BCWWA offers a wide variety of training workshops and seminars to its members.
  • Through its wide range of committees they can further their education and expand their skills, share expertise and knowledge, facilitate for change and network with each other. These committees also provide them with a mechanism to engage governments to inform them about water policy and other water issues.
  • The BCWWA hosts the largest annual water industry conference and trade show in Western Canada. This year’s 41st conference One Water: Endless Opportunities  took place last week in Kelowna.
  • Every year, BCWWA organizes Drinking Water Week and other public awareness initiatives.
  • BCWWA certifies cross connection control testers  in BC.

Water conservation and what happens to water when we’re finished with it are both significant concerns for the BCWWA and the costs associated with them are felt by all of us, in every province.

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