Canada’s Oil Industry: Five Facts

Seton Canada

Canada’s oil industry is thriving.  Consider this: Canada exported some 12,000 cubic metres of oil per day in 1980. By 2010, that number had grown to 112,000 cubic metres daily. Source: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Almost all of exported Canadian oil goes to the United States – 97 per cent as of 2009. Source: Natural Resources Canada

Canada’s proven reserves of 175 billion barrels of oil is the second-largest in the world, after Saudi Arabia’s 267 billion. Source: Oil & Gas Journal Alberta accounts for two-thirds of energy production. British Columbia and Saskatchewan are the second and third-largest producers. Source Natural Resources Canada

The oil and gas industries accounted for around $65 billion of economic activity in Canada annually in recent years, or slightly less than 5 per cent of GDP. Source: Canada Energy Research Institute


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