Compact Lockout-Tagout Kits: Save Space and Lives


It should come as no surprise that lockout-tagout systems have found a permanent place in the safety plans of every organization that makes use of heavy machinery and electrical equipment that undergoes routine maintenance. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve heard from workers that find the system too unwieldy with all the additional equipment needed and even some employers have called having a lockout-tagout system expensive.

With that in mind, we wanted to bring focus to a number of lockout-tagout devices that will simplify your lockout-tagout system. These items solve a lot of the common problems associated with having a lockout-tagout are not only nifty and convenient but will also save lives.

Storage Cabinet/Group Lock Box Combo – When space is at a premium, these handy items help organize your lockout-tagout equipment. Ask anyone who’s ever had to find a much needed tag or lockout device and you’ll appreciate the convenience this item provides.

In addition, it also provides a group lockbox. Something that will be appreciated by people who end up working on multi-part systems where you have groups of workers servicing different parts. By having each group lock out the keys to the starting mechanism, you can be sure that access to the unit will only be granted if all the workers are done.

Ready Access Padlock Station – Getting everyone to properly store their items in an appropriate place is a tough prospect. Too often, tiny messes are left behind during the hustle and bustle of everyday maintenance. Unfortunately, this also leads to lost items and other less desirable outcomes.

A good solution, would be a ready access padlock station. It stores different tags, padlocks and hasps inside a lockable case. The best part is, the built in handle allowing for easy transport to the worksite. It even has slots in the back for wall mounting so you can mount it at the worksite to prevent it from becoming a tripping hazard.

Combination Lockout Satchel – The previous two boxes are ideal for groups of repairmen and maintenance people, but what if you have individuals working in different areas of a facility? A good solution would be to provide them with everything they would need in a convenient case.

This kit comes with everything a maintenance worker would need to lock out the more common electrical and mechanical control points. Just add in a few padlocks and a few specialized lockouts if you’re running more esoteric machines and your person will be all set.

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