Duraguard, Setonguard & Quickguard: What To Choose

Asset Identification products from Setonge

Whether your company is a large corporation or a small start up business, it will have various physical assets, ranging from computers to hand-held tools to industrial equipment. At any given time, these assets are used in different areas in the workplace, and may need to be serviced and/or replaced. It is important for you to be able to identify them, and keep track of their operating conditions and where they are located.

In the pursuit of an ongoing commitment to safety and security, Seton Canada offers asset ID labels in 3 high-quality materials, namely Setonguard®, Duraguard®, and Quickguard. While each can be used to effectively identify your company’s assets, knowing what differentiates one from the other will ensure you choose the best one for the situation:


  • For assets that are used and/or located in specialized work environments, your asset ID labels should be able to withstand the conditions in those environments. Manufactured from anodized or annealed aluminum, Setonguard® asset ID labels are especially resistant to chemicals, solvents and abrasion. Accompanying text and graphics are etched onto the surface, with the colors dyed in.
  • Applied onto surfaces by means of Stock SetonGuard Property Tags from Setona roller, Setonguard® labels are designed for indoor and outdoor use, providing an excellent asset tracking solution for extreme work environments. Some variants are even designed with security cuts as a safeguard from being removed whole. Likewise, Setonguard® products can also be customized with numbering, as well as company text and logos. To maximize durability, barcodes are secured underneath the coating, to better withstand scratches and wear.


  • DuraGuard® asset Duraguard Tamper Evident Labels from Setonidentification products are a highly durable option for marking and tracking assets. This label is manufactured from a metallised polyester, and features an innovative tamper-evident adhesive. When removed, this adhesive leaves a checkerboard mark, providing clear indication of tampering.
  • Useful both indoors and out, these asset tags can be easily applied onto surfaces, effectively securing office equipment, tools, and even heavy industrial equipment. This makes them highly useful in preventing theft and unauthorized reuse. These labels can be customized with numbering, barcode symbology, company-specific wording and logos. Customers can choose from Code 39, Code 128, or Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes for their needs.


  • Constructed with Stock Quickguard Property ID Tags from Setonanodised aluminum foil, Quickguard™ asset identification products offer a convenient and reliable option for asset security. Made for use on rough surfaces and indoor/outdoor use, Seton’s Quickguard™ products serve as a convenient, hassle-free means of identifying tools, machinery, and other supplies. For additional customer convenience, these asset labels can be customized with number sequencing and company details like logos.

Identifying, tracking and controlling company assets is crucial to performance and productivity. Effective asset labeling not only provides a means to record and monitor asset data, but reduces the risk of theft and other unauthorized tampering. With Seton Canada’s asset identification products, property loss and security violations are successfully prevented, safeguarding an establishment’s bottom line and ensuring a secure environment.

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