Eco-Friendly Signs Just One Way to “Go Green”


Earth Day, an annual worldwide celebration on April 22, is the perfect time to assess your organization’s safety program and work to make it more “green.”

One effective way in which to accomplish this is through the use of green safety products, including eco-friendly signs.

Eco-friendly signs, which are 100% recyclable, still help organizations meet compliant regulations. They also fit into workplaces dedicated to obtaining and maintaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which recognizes excellence in green building.

Eco-friendly signs are available in a variety of messages, and for multiple locations, throughout your facility. From Danger to Caution signs to Fire Extinguisher and Exit signs, eco-friendly options are vast in the safety sign category.

By using green safety products, you can protect your workers and your facility, while also protecting the environment.

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