Fall Prevention Awareness: Teach Your Workers About Fall Protection


Since falls can be a cause of serious injury (and even death) in the workplace—especially on the construction job site—it’s important to continuously educate workers about fall hazards and how to prevent them.

While every job site is different, employers must take the time to train workers on how to work safely among their unique fall hazards. Part of that training must include the various types of fall protection.

The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association offers these guidelines on how to choose the most appropriate fall protection for every job, and highlights the following options:

Guardrails: Eliminate fall hazards by eliminated open edges.  All workers in the area are protected.

Opening Covers: Floor-opening covers must fully cover openings and be fastened securely. Label opening covers clearly so workers are aware of them.

Fall-Arrest and Travel-Restraint Systems: Fall-arrest systems prevent workers from hitting the ground when they fall. Travel-restraint systems prevent workers from falling at all.

What types of fall protection do you provide your workers? When was the last time you provided fall protection training? If you don’t already have one, should you put a fall protection training and education program in place?

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