Fight Injuries in 2014 with First Aid Kits

It’s been over a month since New Year’s Day, and if you haven’t made your safety resolutions yet, now is a good chance to do so. This winter, commit to a zero-accident, zero-injury 2014 by beefing up your safety protocols and equipment.

Of course, it’s not enough just to declare your year will be safe and just hope for the best. When bad things happen, it pays to be equipped for the worst and to have quick access to first aid kits and other medical supplies in case of emergency.

There are many kinds of first aid equipment suitable for any business, but the two most important distinctions to be made when making a purchase is to decide what kind of first aid kits are needed. Make your decision based on your type of business and ask yourself: “What do I and my personnel need to be protected from most?” Other considerations include the environment (closed office or open-air workplace?), the hazards (diseases or accidents, burns and bruises?), and the work being done (professional and desk-bound or physical and machine-operated?).

Deluxe Office First Aid KitFor common offices and other professional buildings, the threats faced by workers are less dramatic, and office first aid kits are the ideal solution:

Office First Aid Kits are optimized for dealing with the minor, everyday injuries common in your average office setting. These include cuts, scrapes and nicks, and an office first aid kit will allow you and your coworkers to hygienically treat such accidents. They also contain supplies needed to prevent infections or diseases from spreading or taking hold, which is a constant concern in the closed environment of the average office.

For more physical needs, the workplace first aid kit¬†contains just what’s needed:

Workplace first aid kits are outfitted similarly to office first aid kits, but have additional provisions for the somewhat more physical threats faced by workers in heavy industries such as manufacturing, construction and warehousing. In those workplaces, the risk of suffering burns or more traumatic injuries is higher. As such, workplace first aid kits often come with burn creams, rescue blankets, splints, and other gears that would be out of place in a calm office.

No matter what your business is, it’s important (and legally mandated) to have adequate first aid kits for all of your workers. Do the safe thing this year and stock up on what you need to deal with any accident!

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