First Aid Kits for the Canadian Workplace

Everyday, workers face various hazards in the workplace. Even with all the precautionary measures in place to prevent accidents, you have to accept the fact that they do happen. Are you ready to respond in the event of a medical emergency? Do you have your first aid kit?

First aid kits and the skills of your first aid attendants could mean life or death in extreme situations. It could also mean the difference between a minor injury and major complications. It’s this understanding of how critical occupational first aid kits are, that prompted Canada’s implementation of new regulations called the Workers’ Compensation Act or the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Details of the regulation differ from province to province but the aim is the same. The law ensures that workers receive immediate care in case of workplace injury or illness. At minimum, the workplace should have:

  • Appropriate first aid kits with complete medical supplies as stated by the province’s regulations
  • Well-trained and competent first aid attendants available to respond at all times
  • Disseminated information on first aid procedures

Other provisions may include:

  • First aid signage
  • Reporting of workplace accidents
  • Emergency transport or ambulance

First aid requirements vary but should be based on the following:

  • Number of employees or workers per shift
  • Types of workplace hazards expected
  • Availability of professional medical facilities (i.e. clinics and hospitals)

Contents of a Basic First Aid Kit

A first aid kit for work differs significantly from what you have at home. According to British Columbia’s Work Safe BC website, a basic workplace first aid kit should be stored in a dry environment and easily accessible to the workers. A waterproof container is recommended.

First Aid Kit Infographic

Check your province’s local requirements for first aid kits, training programs, procedures and more to ensure complete compliance to government regulations. Here’s a list of official government sites that specifiy the regulations for workplace first aid kits.

Canada – Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Alberta – Alberta Human Services

British Columbia – Work Safe BC

Manitoba – Safe Work

New Brunswick – Government of New Brunswick Site

Newfoundland – Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly

Northwest Territories and Nunavut – Worker’s Safety & Compensation Commission

Nova Scotia – Government of Nova Scotia Site

Ontario – Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Prince Edward Island – Worker’s Compensation Board of PEI

Quebec – Publications Quebec

Saskatchewan – Government of Saskatchewan

Yukon – Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board



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