Get Ready: Emergency Preparedness Week is Near


Emergency Preparedness Week is May 1-7. Are you ready?

Emergency Preparedness Week has been recognized every year since 1996, with the goal of encouraging Canadians to take these three steps to be prepared in the event of an emergency:

  • Know the risks: Understand the risks that are unique to your region so you can better prepare for what could happen.
  • Make a plan: This should include the knowledge of safe exits, meeting places, as well as the location of fire extinguishers, water valves, electrical boxes, gas valves and floor drains.
  • Get an emergency kit: This kit should include such items as water, non-perishable foods, manual can opener, wind-up or battery-powered flashlight and radio, first aid kit, medications, copy of emergency plan and contact information.

These are important steps for you and your employees to know for both their personal and professional lives.

What have you done in your workplace to prepare your employees for emergencies? Do you have an emergency plan in place? What else do you think can be done to best prepare everyone in the event there is an emergency during working hours?

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