Historic Toronto Street Signs for Sale

Toronto street signs

According to City News Toronto, the city is selling pieces of its history to the highest bidder. That’s not as dramatic as it seems as the items being sold are street signs too degraded to be read. The act is in keeping with Toronto’s 2007 policy of harmonizing street name designs. Over 1,700 signs are up for auction, with the proceeds going to Toronto’s traffic sign revenue account.

The city replaces over 1,800 street name signs every year, and the new signs cost the city government a considerable amount! The figure can rise over time as 200 to 300 new signs are expected to be added each year.

Prevent your facility’s own traffic signs from following the fate of Toronto’s street signs. Follow these two simple tips:

1. Set a schedule for traffic, parking and street sign inspection.

Many businesses make the mistake of replacing signs only when they’re too degraded to use. This poses problems! Illegible signs in heavily trafficked areas make drivers more vulnerable to traffic accidents.

Thus, it’s important to regularly inspect all signs you are responsible for and quickly repair or replace damaged or undecipherable parking signs. Set a schedule based on the recommendations of your hazard assessment officer or the expected lifetime of your signs.

2. Choose traffic signs with durable protection.

Just as an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, choosing high-quality traffic signs such as stop signs can save costs in the long run. Go for signs with protection such as Seton’s UltraTuff overlaminate, which resists grime, dirt, chemicals, and inclement weather. They’re also easy to clean and require little maintenance, with long years of guaranteed service.

Follow these quick and easy tips to save you a great amount of hassle and cost. Think ahead, and don’t skimp when it comes to ensuring your employees’ safety!


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