Industry Spotlight: Mining


News of mining industry tragedy has been making headlines all over the world. A Quebec man recently died following a June 25th mining accident, and the May incident at Sudbury’s Lockerby Mine resulted in two deaths. Ontario officials are conducting thorough health and safety reviews in both cases. In response to the Lockerby situation, employees participated in a safety reorientation intended to convey the company’s commitment to providing a safe working environment. The Ministry of Labour is leading the investigation into the Lockerby deaths, and has requested training records, a shift lineup, level plans, shifter log books, seismicity records, and ground control inspection reports.

The mining capital of the world, Canada’s long term prosperity and employment landscape depend heavily on the more than 60 minerals and metals produced there. A government report released late last month revealed that  five new energy and mining projects potentially coming to New Brunswick could transform the province, generating $8.6 billion and thousands of new jobs. A thorough investigation and subsequent strengthening of workplace safety regulations will help stop repeat violators and protect workers so that the mining industry can continue to flourish.

The second annual Health and Safety Excellence in Mining conference is taking place July 23rd & 24th in downtown Toronto. Learn from senior-level health and safety experts how to create an observation-based, proactive safety program that will significantly reduce incident rates and maintain compliance while advancing safety management goals.

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