Injury Prevention: A Proactive Model


The key to preventing injuries in the workplace is having a proactive approach. Eliminating and reducing hazards is crucial in keeping injuries from occurring in the first place.

Manitoba’s Five-Year Plan for Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention was recently released, and it can serve as a model for injury prevention in any province.

The plan consists of 10 action areas:

  1. Dedicated Prevention Services:  Making services easier to access and making them more responsive to individual industry and workplace needs.
  2. Nation-Leading Safety and Health Laws: Includes immediate fines for activities that present imminent risk to life or health.
  3. New Tools to Strengthen Accountability, Transparency and Reporting: Manitoba’s chief prevention officer (CPO) will improve the monitoring, reporting, coordination and system-wide accountability of prevention services.
  4. A Renewed Role for Business as a Safety Partner: Manitoba will continue to support safety associations and encourage the development of more industry-based safety associations.
  5. Focus on Manitoba’s Most Vulnerable Workers: Provide support for the young and new workers in the workforce.
  6. New Training Programs; Consistent Training Standards: Manitoba will work to ensure safety and health training meets or exceeds current standards.
  7. Stronger Incentives for Real Prevention: Employers will be recognized and rewarded for positive injury prevention practices and programs.
  8. Improved Supports for Small Business: Ensuring small businesses receive the support and resources they need.
  9. Addressing Workplace Mental Health: Involves developing a toolkit of resources to promote mental health in the workplace.
  10. Measuring Success: Put measures in place to more effectively monitor and track workplace injury and prevention.

Click here to read more about Manitoba’s plan.

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