It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts


Slips, trips, falls, theft, and automobile accidents are only some of the hazards that could occur in and around your parking lots. Learn what to watch out for, and how to best manage what’s outside your facility.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Signage: Hazards like curbs, tire stops, speed bumps, and icy or otherwise dangerous areas should be clearly indicated. Also, control speeds and warn drivers about pedestrian crossings with proper signage.
  • Maintenance: Parking lot lighting and security systems (cameras, call boxes, panic alarms, etc.) should be well-maintained and fully operational at all times. Painted lines, pavement markers, signs, and cones tend to wear and weather over time. Regularly monitor the quality of those items as well as checking ground surfaces for cracks, holes, and lumps.
  • Janitorial/housekeeping: Routine housekeeping practices are as critical outside of your facility as they are inside. Especially during winter months, quick, efficient removal of ice and snow is paramount. Other circumstances can create debris and spills of all sorts, so proper products and procedures should be in place to respond quickly and prevent injury.

Worker Responsibilities

  • Footwear: Wear comfortable, flat, close-toed, slip-resistant shoes that fit properly.
  • Reporting: Learn who to speak with and how to properly report any accidents or hazards.
  • Drive slowly, no texting: Remain alert and cautious at all times, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Help clear clutter: If you see debris or hazards that you know not to be toxic or dangerous, don’t just walk past – do you part, clean it up!
  • Stay alert & obey signs: Just because you drive into and out of that parking lot every day, don’t get complacent or distracted. Caution, yield, no parking, and speed limit signs apply to you too!

Celebrate National Safe Driving Week December 1st-7th with the Canada Safety Council. This year’s theme is ‘It’s not just alcohol that impairs’. Visit their site for more info, and travel safely!

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