Job Safety Apps Make Life Easier

Safety Apps

Looking for a new tool to add to your job safety toolbox? Try your mobile phone.

With the number of apps in Apple’s AppStore quickly approaching 1 million and Android doing its best to catch up, mobile devices have transcended the basic telephone to quickly become a versatile, pocket assistant.

Even if you don’t personally use them, you need to keep up with what job safety apps are out there. Why? Project Managers swear by them and young workers were practically issued smart phones at birth. Knowing what tools make their jobs safer makes your life easier and the jobsite a more productive place.

We’ll do a round up on can’t-live-without-job-safety-apps from time to time but here are a few to get you started:

1.  Safety Observation by Health Safety Works Pty Ltd – FREE

This app allows staff, contractors or anyone else on a worksite to record details of any unsafe observation encountered in the field. It then reports the hazard to a preferred contact. The app also provides information on how to fix the problem and how to stop it from happening again.

2.  First Aid by American Red Cross – FREE (Android and iPhone)

It doesn’t hurt to have a first aid manual always in arms reach. Accidents  happen! This app features Red Cross approved videos, interactive quizzes and  simple step by step advice for instant information on how to handle first  aid emergencies.

3. Crane & Rigger by Crane & Rigger Applications – FREE

This is a useful app for construction workers that provides capacity charts on rigging items, calculate common rigging and load formulas and more. It’s missing timber & beam loading charts but otherwise, it’s a fairly useful app for quick reference. The basic app is free with add on features priced separately.

4. The Workplace Safety North (WSN) News App – FREE

This app was created to guide participants through their annual Mining  Health and Safety conference with a list of speakers, sessions and trade  show information. However, the Ministry of Labour is diligent in updating  the app twice a week with news of hazard alerts, legislation changes, events  and webinars.

5. WorkSafeBC OHS Regulation by – FREE

This mobile app allows users to search and browse the OHS Regulations, Prevention Policies, OHS Guidelines, and WCB Standards. A scaled down app in comparison to some of the others on the list, but it is a useful reference for BC workers who need access to OHS information.

Have a safety app you can’t live without? Let us know. We’ll try and feature it in a future app roundup.


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for a great collection of apps. I’d like to promote my company’s app, My EAP. Morneau Shepell has created an app that allows workers (and their families) to gain useful information on issues that might contribute to distraction and unmanaged stress. As we know, when a worker’s head isn’t in the game, the risk of injury increases.

    It’s a side step from the usual OHS focus, but I believe in the age of Psychological Health & Safety, we’ve created a potentially valuable awareness building tool for the workforce.


    • Marie Nicola says:

      Hi Michael, Thanks for letting us know about your app. I’m checking it out right now and I’ll let you know if we go ahead and include it on a future list. What made you get into creating an app like this?

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