Keep Safe and Dry: Protect Your Business from Flooding


Businesses can be devastated when impacted by flood damage. Floods can be caused by many factors, including the melting of a large snowfall, a large rainstorm or a slow-moving thunderstorm that drops a lot of rain in a short period of time.

Whatever the cause of the flooding, you and your business need to be prepared.

Here are some tips to prepare your business from flooding damage and prevent disruptions to your business operations:

  • Install backflow prevention check valves to stop floodwater from entering at vulnerable points where utility and sewer lines enter the building.
  • Install watertight barriers called flood shields to prevent the passage of water through doors, windows, ventilation shafts or other openings.
  • Build watertight walls around equipment or work areas within the facility that are particularly susceptible to damage should floodwater enter the building.
  • Have backup systems available for use during emergencies, such as portable pumps to remove flood water, alternate power sources (generators or gasoline-powered pumps) and battery-powered emergency lighting.
  • Check your insurance policy to ensure you have proper coverage. Contact your insurance provider if you need additional coverage.
  • Have an easily accessible flood emergency kit on hand. The kit should contain a flash light, radio, insurance documents, important phone numbers, batteries, medication, blankets, food, dry clothes, first aid kit, mobile phone and cash.
  • Make a list of employee contact information in case there is an evacuation.
  • Make sure you have copies of important documents so they can be accessed from a remote location.
  • Check to see if vital company operations (such as shipping or customer service) can be relocated, if necessary.

While this is a fairly complete checklist, is there anything else you would add to it? What else should be done in preparation for flooding?

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