Keeping People Safe: How to Create Workplace Violence and Harassment Safety Programs


As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all employees. That includes keeping your workers safe from workplace violence and workplace harassment.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act has rules regarding such safety for workplaces, and this includes the development and implementation of policies and programs that will protect workers.

Workplace violence programs must have procedures for: controlling risks identified in an assessment of risks employers must proactively create); summoning immediate assistance when workplace violence occurs or is likely to occur; and workers to report incidents of workplace violence.

Employers must also create a policy regarding workplace harassment, and develop and maintain a program around that policy.

The program must include procedures for workers to follow in order to report workplace harassment incidents. It must also show how employers will address any incidents or complaints.

Do you have workplace violence and workplace harassment programs in place? If so, how have they improved the overall safety culture of your workplace?

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