Material Handling Health & Safety Blitz Coming Soon


Industrial sector businesses in Ontario should begin preparing for the upcoming Material Handling blitz. The Health and Safety Inspections will run from September 15th – October 26th, 2014. Material Handling involves the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods, products, and equipment. Statistics show that nearly 25% of workers will experience an injury as a result of lifting and lowering, pushing and pulling, carrying and holding, or resisting loads. In Ontario alone, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for half of all lost-time injuries. Preparation and proper training in the following areas will help prevent injury and hopefully result in a successful inspection:

  • Racking and storage systems
  • MSD hazards
  • Truck and trailer security (in loading areas)
  • Lifting devices and forklifts
  • Safe work practices with regard to slips, trips, falls, and other hazards

The Ministry of Labour’s proactive inspection blitzes and initiatives are designed to raise awareness and increase compliance with health and safety legislation. Blitzes and initiatives are announced in advance and results are reported after they are completed. The ministry tracks each sector to determine if there are long-lasting increases in compliance and decreases in injuries.

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