Safety Poster Spells Change For Workplaces

It’s bright. It’s bold. And it’s mandatory.

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour recently launched a new workplace safety poster – with a difference.

“Poster campaigns aren’t new, but making this one mandatory is new,” says George Gritziotis, Ontario’s new Chief Prevention Officer.

Starting on October 1, this safety poster headlined “Health & Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here” must be a fixture in “conspicuous locations” in every workplace in the province.

Workplace Safety Must Become Habitual

It’s the first step in a wide-ranging and ambitious plan to make safety on the job as habitual as putting on your safety belt when you get into your car.

Eventually, standardized safety awareness and training programs will be compulsory for every workplace sector, but for now, there is this poster.

Here’s how this program works.

This new mandatory poster is a call-to-action to put occupational health safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds – employers, supervisors, employees – in every Ontario workplace, large and small. It’s the first step in creating a new workplace safety culture, especially for new workers and young workers.

Everyone Can Participate In Creating Safer Workplaces

Since this poster first went online on June 1, more than 20,000 have been downloaded for free in 17 languages at the Ministry of Labour’s website.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, here. We’re just establishing standards for the workplace, the rights and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and employees,” Gritziolis says.

This new poster clearly outlines all workers rights plus employers and supervisors responsibilities. It encourages everyone to participate in creating a safety culture at work.

Posters are traditionally trusted tools for communicating safety messages, but they only help if they’re visible and accessible.

Are you worried this new poster might fade into the woodwork over time?

Keep This Vital Safety Message Fresh and New

You might try moving your posters around, so they’re always in surprising locations.

What have you tried to ensure that safety stays uppermost in your workers’ minds? We’d love to know.

Why not leave a comment with your best suggestions.


  1. This is a great article and love your safety campaign videos and posters. Thank you for doing a great job at sending the safety first message in a fun, fresh and creative manner. I hope companies pick these up for their toolboxes of communicating with their workers.

    Keeping safety top of mind, ensures everyone will get back home just fine…

    • Sandy Naiman says:

      Hi Tamara,

      Wow! What an encouraging comment. It’s great to hear our “fun, fresh and creative” approach to workplace safety is resonating with you.

      We also hope companies will share our resources, videos, pictographs and stories with their workers and managers because, as you rightly state, “keeping safety top of mind, ensures everyone will get home just fine.”

      That’s what we’re all about here, Tamara.

      Thanks for your feedback. We thrive on comments and conversation with our readers. That’s what we’re all about here, too.

      Take care and be safe.


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