Only Two Weeks Left to Complete Mandatory OHSA Training


Ontario regulation 297/13 requires that all workers and supervisors complete Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training by July 1st, 2014. Training modules are different for workers and supervisors, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that everyone participates, even those in jobs that are not considered hazardous. Training can be conducted using the Ministry of Labour’s online “e-learning” modules or by in-person sessions with employees. Workbooks and other resources are available online, or employers may choose to use their own training materials, provided they cover all required topics in their entirety. To that end, employers who already provided safety training are not required to participate, but it is highly recommended, in order to avoid future Ministry of Labour disputes. Topics included in the new regulation that may have changed or been overlooked during standard employee training are: roles of the ministry, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), and Health and Safety Associations. The deadline for employees hired after July 1st is “as soon as practicable” after they start working, whereas new supervisors have only one week to complete the training.

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