Protecting Company Assets with Seals

Security Seals

Keep sensitive and important items safe from theft and tampering with tamper evident adhesive seals. Security seals are an economical solution to keep your shipping containers safe. These seals are designed to show evidence of accidental or deliberate theft, tampering, and contamination. They are broken down into certain categories depending on the type of seals, level of protection, and items that needs to be secured. The most commonly used security tools for protecting your goods are tamper evident adhesive seals and security seals. Each has been designed with a specific function, but both are able to provide some level of security against unwanted elements.

Here are the most common uses for adhesive and security seals:

  • Company assets
  • Electronic goods
  • Shipping containers
  • Boxes and packages
  • Bottles and food items

Tamper evident self-adhesive seals may not stop tampering all together, but they are made to show evidence of tampering. Here’s an example:

One employer was surprised to discover that he was losing important company assets such as computers, tools, and equipment on a regular basis. Since none of them had any adhesive seals to identify them, they were never found and the culprits were never caught. Now imagine the same scenario, but this time the employer was wise enough to use tamper evident label seals on all of his equipment. These seals were designed to break into small pieces when someone tries to remove them to clearly indicate signs of tampering while others come with barcodes and serial number which makes them easy to trace. This significantly reduces the incident of lost or stolen items and even provides evidence against the thieves. By using tamper evident seals, the employer has taken a significant step to ensure the safety and security of his assets from both internal and external threats.

The concept behind tamper evident label seals is fairly simple. Most of these seals are destructible which means that when someone tries to remove them, they break up and leave small pieces behind. Another popular type of seal reveals the word “VOID” when the seal is removed from the item. Most companies customize their own self-adhesive seals by adding their logo to properly mark and track their assets.

Although they can’t fully keep thieves out, tamper evident seals:

  • Discourage tampering and theft.
  • Provide a way to track items for inventory and record keeping.
  • Preserve the integrity of items especially during shipping.

Remember that in the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lost property can cost you and your company millions and the best way to protect your assets are with tamper evident adhesive seals.



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