Report: Cost of Preventable Injuries Grows


A report by national charity Parachute claims that financial costs of preventable injuries are rising at the same time human costs are catastrophic. Information from The Cost of Injury in Canada Report shows that the economy loses $27 billion every year.

Injury is the top killer of Canadians aged 1-44; 43 people die each day.

Parachute expects the amount of money lost to the Canadian economy and the number of Canadian deaths will continue to increase in the coming years, reaching $33 billion and 46 deaths per day this year, and $75 billion and 71 deaths per day by 2035.

This report was published in collaboration with The Conference Board of Canada and support from The Public Health Agency of Canada.

Parachute urges a focus on preventing injuries, noting that 90% of injuries are “predictable and preventable.”

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