Safe on the Road: Establish a Road Safety Program


Whether your employees use their own vehicle or a company vehicle to get to work, you want everyone to practice safe driving so they arrive safely every day, and safely return home as well.

Having safe driving policies in place for your employees makes them aware of what they need to do to stay safe on the road.

Road Safety at Work provides these 10 steps to a Road Safety Program:

  • Understand your responsibilities for employees who drive for work.
  • Establish management commitment.
  • Engage and communicate with employees.
  • Identify driving related hazards, evaluate risks and define safety measures: driver, vehicle and journey.
  • Develop road safety policies and safe work procedures.
  • Establish driver selection criteria and a regular driver-review process.
  • Adopt rigorous vehicle selection, inspection and maintenance processes.
  • Adopt an incident-management process and make sure incidents are effectively reported, investigated and followed up.
  • Establish how you will deliver, monitor and administer your road safety program.
  • Regularly evaluate program effectiveness and make improvements.

When you need to provide workers with the supplies they need to stay safe on the job, count on Seton. Give us a call at 855-581-1218 or visit and we can help you select the safety products you need.

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