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A company was fined $80,000 after a worker suffered injuries from falling into a storage bin that collapsed while it was being pushed.

A Ministry of Labour investigation uncovered that the side of the bin the worker was pushing had latches that are designed to collapse the bins for shipping. The worker was apparently unaware that the latches could be hazardous and that many workers push the bins in the same way this worker did.

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Contractor Fined After Workers are Burned

A contractor was fined $80,000 after two workers were burned while working on electrical equipment that was not properly shut off. While the workers performed their duties, an arc flash within the switch gear unit occurred. Both workers suffered second- and first-degree burns and one received third-degree burns.

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Roofing Company and Owner Violate Worker Safety

A roofing company and its owner were fined for various workers safety violations. The company was fined $33,000 for failing to ensure workers wore fall protection, protective headwear and protective footwear. The owner was fined $14,000 for failing to ensure workers wore fall protection.

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