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A paper mill was fined $150,000 after a worker was burned in a dust explosion.

Dry wood dust that traveled on a conveyor was somehow ignited, causing the dust explosion. A fireball traveled through the conveyor and out into the area where the worker was standing. The worker suffered burns.

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Paving Company Fined After Worker Injured

A paving company was fined $80,000 after a worker performing traffic control duties was injured on the job.

The worker was wearing high-visibility clothing and holding a Slow/Stop sign mounted on a pole. While directing a driver headed eastbound to stop at an intersection and signaling drivers headed southbound to proceed, the eastbound driver instead entered the intersection and struck the worker.

The company was charged for not complying with a regulation requiring that a worker not direct vehicular traffic for more than one lane in the same direction.

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Company Fined After Worker Injured on Construction Site

A company was fined $50,000 after a worker was pinned by falling posts and injured on a construction site.

Workers for the engineering services company were dismantling and replacing a steel storage system. The injured worker was welding as others were working on the demolition.

Posts fell on the welding worker, who was pinned by the posts. The worker suffered leg injuries in the incident.

The company failed to ensure that a sleeper beam was securely anchored before upright posts were installed.

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