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A company was fined $225,000 for violating three sections of the Constructions Projects Regulation, which led to the death of one worker and injuries to two other workers.

The workers were installing new hydro poles and wires under existing lines. While excavating a hole, the boom of a work vehicle came within three metres of a power line located above the hole. The workers all suffered electrical shocks.

The three violations were: failure to ensure the boom of a vehicle was not brought within three metres of an energized overhead conductor of 750 or more volts; failure to ensure a competent worker designated as a signaler was stationed so as to be in full view of an operator and had a clear view of the electrical conductor and of the vehicle, to warn the operator every time any part of the vehicle or other equipment may approach the minimum distance; and failure to take every reasonable precaution to prevent hazards to workers from energized electrical equipment, installation and conductors.

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Company Fined After Worker Injured on the Job

A company that produces concrete panels was fined $65,000 after a worker was critically injured by panels that had tipped over.

Two 20-foot long panels that weighed a total of 3,750 pounds were being moved to a storage area when the incident occurred. Once a crane lowered the panels onto horizontal pillars, one worker removed the nylon swing that attached the panels to the crane. That caused the panels to tip over and fall on the other workers.

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