Safety News You Can Use


  • A recent amendment to Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act has modified the requirements to mark and sign construction zones. Additionally, it created an offence for speeding in a designated construction zone, penalties for which are double the fines for speeding elsewhere.
  • Alberta launched a new campaign, Work Right, encouraging workers and employers to question what they know about occupational health and safety. The campaign comes in response to a common lack of understanding, and aims to create a culture of compliance, fairness and safety in the workplace. The initiative overlaps with an inspection campaign focusing on residential construction, launched after a man was badly injured in a construction shaft accident last month. It will run from mid-June through the end of summer construction season.
  • Seton’s Job Safety Videos won a Canadian Public Relations Society Award for Digital Campaign of the Year – watch, laugh, and learn!
  • The Ministry of Labour continues its series of Blitzes & Initiatives. Take a look at the full schedule and do your part to help raise awareness, increase compliance with the OHSA and ESA, and protect workers.
  • Canada Day 2014 is right around the corner. Make it a happy and safe one with Seton!

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