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Avoid worker injuries and lawsuits by keeping workers safe. Learn why a manufacturer and a roofing company were fined after workers suffered severe injuries on the job.

Manufacturer Fined for OHSA Violation: A manufacturer was fined $60,000 for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The company was fined after a worker was injured after a press used to bend sheets of metal fell on the worker’s hands, leading to the loss of several fingers.

The company admitted guilt for failing to ensure the press was guarded properly to avoid access to its pinch point.

Roofing Company Fined After Worker Falls: A roofing company was fined $60,000 by the Ministry of Labour after a worker’s lower limbs were injured after a fall from a roof. The approximately 13-feet fall caused the worker to suffer broken heels.

The worker’s travel restraint system was attached to the roof by a single nylon anchor strap not wrapped around a structural member, as directed by an instruction manual. It was screwed into wood and the strap detached from the roof, causing the worker—who was untrained on anchor strap usage—to fall.

The company was not in compliance of Ontario’s construction regulation that requires tools and equipment to be used according to manufacturer instructions. The roofing company was also guilty of failing to protect its workers with the proper information, instruction and supervision needed to keep them safe.


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