Safety Products: Customization is the Way To Go


In today’s world, consumers are king. People know exactly what they want and they demand nothing less. Everyone wants to have their own identity – from the clothing we wear, to the house we live in, and even the food we eat. In fact, the term “one size fits all,” that we are all familiar with growing up, no longer seems applicable. The article that Huffington Post did on customization brought up good points to back up their statement that “every customer is his own market.”

Consumers are always looking for more product choices that reflect who they are and fit their particular needs and wants. This same concept applies to safety and identification products. There are times when a standard identification or safety product just won’t do. In these situations, customization is the way to go.

Customized products give you the versatility that ready-made goods can’t. You can put your own specific message to help communicate what you need to say more effectively. Putting your own mark on the product will also help you target your audience and users better.

Seton Canada’s custom line of safety and identification products lets you experience that. From pipe markers, safety signs, traffic and parking signs, tags, labels, and more, you have the option to make your product exactly how you want it. Seton Canada even has a very user-friendly online tool called Design-Your-Own where you can configure how you want your products to look like and see how it looks like as you create it. You can opt to:

Customize your text. If you have a specific message you need to communicate but can’t find the right product for this, then this is your solution. You can put your own safety message, company name, or the user’s name on your safety product. You can even choose the text alignment, font type, font size, and font colour to make it your own.

Choose your size. For large areas that needs signage visible from anywhere in the room, you will need a very large sign format. On the other hand, if you need to mark small items in your office, then you need a small enough label or tag that will fit the available surface of the items you need to label and still be readable.Custom-Shaped-Traffic-Signs-X85-ba

Add in logos or graphics. Putting your own logo or company graphics on your safety products is not only a theft prevention solution but also a smart marketing strategy. Displaying your company logo on your safety signs, labels or tags also help in promoting your organization, which can lead to more revenues and instant brand recognition.

Select the colour. You can customize the colour of your safety or identification product to match your company branding, colour-coding system or the products’ function. Or maybe you just have a favourite colour you want to use for your specific items. Whatever the reason for picking your colour, Seton Canada has got you covered.

Pick your own material. You need to make sure the material you pick for your safety signs, tags or labels is suited to the environment the product will be exposed to. For outdoor use, you should pick materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. For indoor use, you can go with more budget-friendly materials and even save money as well.

Upgrade your topcoat. When making purchases, we all want to get the best value for our buck. Investing in a Duroshield topcoat for your sign or label guarantees a lifetime protection against harsh chemicals, UV rays, and even graffiti or Seton Canada will replace your item for free!

Choose the mounting method. Do you want your signs to be posted on the wall, mounted on a pole, or stuck to a door? There are a lot of choices to choose from – from self-adhesive mounting to sign poles to screws and nails. You just need to determine what is required for your safety sign or label.

Customizing not only addresses your specific needs when it comes to safety and identification products. Personalizing your own products can also be a fun, creative and liberating experience. When customers get what they want, then they are happy and satisfied. And when they are satisfied, they will be more likely to come back and do business with you again. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


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