Safety Training: How You Can Promote a Safe Workplace


One of the cornerstones of a solid safety culture is safety training. Your employees must be adequately trained so they can safely perform their job duties each and every day.

Safety training is a collaborative effort between employers and employees. Everyone must be dedicated to a strong safety training program in order for it to be effective and successful.

Under Part II of the Canada Labour Code, employers (under federal jurisdiction) must ensure employees receive the information, training and supervision they need to safely get their work done.

Employers must provide:

  • An appropriate understanding of overall work safety procedures
  • Knowledge of the safe use of workplace tools and equipment
  • Awareness of known or foreseeable workplace hazards
  • Whenever possible, training sessions should include documentation

Employees need to use what they learn during that training, and also follow safety procedures to ensure overall safety within their workplace.

Employees must, under the Canada Labour Code:

  • Use all safety materials, equipment, devices and clothing that are provided by the employer and are intended to protect employees
  • Follow procedures relating to the health and safety of employees
  • Follow all instructions provided by the employer concerning the health and safety of employees
  • Co-operate with any person carrying out a duty or function required by the Code
  • Report to the employer any thing or circumstance that is likely to be hazardous to employees or any other person in the workplace
  • Report to the employer all work-related accidents, occupational diseases or other hazardous occurrences that have caused injury to you or any other person
  • Report to the employer any situation you believe to be a contravention of Part II of the Code by the employer, another employee, or any other person
  • Comply with every oral or written direction given by a health and safety officer or an appeals officer; and respond in writing to a health and safety officer’s direction or report when requested to do so by the health and safety officer

How do you coordinate your safety training efforts in your facility?

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