Save Lives With Lockout/Tagout Tags and Labels


There’s no room for error when it comes to dealing with electricity. It takes a shock of 6/1000 Amps to fatally electrocute a person, something that industrial machines can easily produce. It should come as no surprise that lockout programs have become one of the touchstones in electrical safety.

While a properly constructed lockout program ensures that every worker doing maintenance is protected and safe, it simply is not enough. Proper information about the hazards of the different devices must be effectively communicated to the workforce as well.

That’s where lockout tags and labels come in. Lockout tags and lockout labels provide that vital information at a glance and will keep information flowing to your workers as long as they’re within viewing distance.

Lockout Labels: The Point of Contact

While on-site training and basic instruction can do wonders for ensuring your workers are properly versed in safety procedure, reminders are always necessary. In fact, they’re often the law!

That’s why you should take advantage of lockout labels and use them as teaching and awareness tools especially where your people might be most at risk: while they’re working with electrical equipment and machinery.

Lockout labels can take many forms, from detailed instructions of lockout policy and procedure to hazard warnings and indications of lockout points or emergency shutdown controls. Be sure to choose the right label to suit the needs of your business and workers, so their point of contact remains safe and efficient.

Lockout Tags: Reminders of Work Done Right

Locking out equipment is only the first step in electrical safety. Your fellow workers – and occasionally safety inspectors – need to know the who, when, and why of a lockout. This is where lockout tags take the stage, where you put down the details you and others need when you lock out. That’s why lockout procedures are also known as “lockout/tagout”, since they involve the use of lockout tags in addition to the equipment.

Never skimp on safety, and never skimp on due diligence, which is a properly filled and attached lockout tag. Select your tags to match your needs, from simple write-in lockout tags for one-off occurrences to tags that double as photo IDs, telling your people just who locked out a machine and for what reason.

Prevention Through Proper Procedure

Electricity is a very powerful force, and proper procedure should always be kept in mind when dealing with it. Preventing accidents before it happens is everyone’s responsibility and the best way is by taking electrical safety seriously by employing lockout tags and labels.

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