Securing Roadways And Pathways for Winter


Roadways and pathways provide safe access for vehicles and pedestrians coming to and from your facility. However, the adverse conditions caused by snowing can cause problems even for the safest pedestrian or driver. The slippery ice and snow that builds up can cause everything from minor fender benders, skidding, overturns, collisions, and even pile-ups in vehicles to an increase in slips, trips, and falls in people.

While every facility will have different requirements when it comes to how one would go about securing avenues of travel, there are still a few basic things we need to keep in mind when doing so:

Snow RemovalGet the necessary equipment.

Piecing together everything you’ll need to get ready for winter can be a daunting task. At the barest minimum, you’ll need to buy ice melting salt, a spade, and a way to transport the snow such as a wheelbarrow.  It is advisable (and definitely cheaper) to pick up pre-made kits such as the RIM Ice Melter Kit and augmenting it with other items such as shovels and a good wheelbarrow.

Salt the snow for easier work.

The easiest and most common method of doing this is by using salt to soften the ice and shovelling it. The salt is important because it makes the task a lot easier. This is particularly important because the person shovelling will be working in very cold conditions which presents a hazard in itself. So lower accident risks and work easier by properly salting the snow.

Keep paths clear of the snow and ice that inevitably builds up.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, keep every path clear of snow and ice. By every path, we mean even the paths and roadways that aren’t main thoroughfares. This ensures that if these pathways are needed, you can be sure that the vehicles and people will be safe when traversing it

Regular maintenance goes a long way.

This is a catch-all reminder to keep all your equipment, roadways, and pathways in good working condition. Having equipment break-down during winter can be a harrowing experience since replacements may not be easy to get during that time. In addition, it is almost impossible to fix roads and pathways during this time as well due to the constant snow combined with the freezing weather. So be sure to have a regular maintenance schedule for all roads, pathways, and equipment during the months with better weather.

The winter months presents the most number of challenges to travelers, both on foot and in vehicles. It is important that we secure our facilities to lower the risks to both our visitors and employees who may be visiting our work place.

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