Security Lockdown: Deterring Theft

A gate with Keep Out signs

A few years ago, in a heist that sounds like it was based on a comic book,  2.7 million kilos of maple syrup was stolen from a Quebec warehouse. While this example might be amusing, the real-life financial implications of theft are not. Even if you don’t consider your facility a prime target for criminals, petty theft and incidental theft can quickly add up and eat into your bottom line.

The first step in securing your facility is to ensure that outsiders don’t have easy access to your workplace during off-hours. The mere presence of signs, chains, locks, and security cameras is enough to discourage most petty thieves. 

Custom-Anodized-Aluminum-NameplatesOnce you’ve secured your facility’s entrances, focus on labeling items and equipment within work areas. Labels not only help with identification and inventory, but can also deter workers who might be considering taking items home with them. Asset tags and nameplates work well for this purpose, and having two on larger pieces of equipment (one in plain view and the other hidden somewhere) is an excellent precaution against theft. If criminals are inexperienced they may miss the hidden label, making recovering the stolen goods easier. Even if they do find both labels, some labels leave markings on the device, which helps identify stolen goods.

Finally, ensure that your employees are well-trained and knowledgeable about policies and procedures regarding office equipment and confidentiality.  Aside from making them more efficient, this also prevents them from accidentally enabling criminals by providing insider information.

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