Selecting Parking Tags For Safer Parking Lots

clear parking permit_body_300x450 In this day and age where almost every Canadian household owns at least one car, finding a vacant place to park, especially during peak hours, can be time-consuming and frustrating to motorists. It’s also a potential security nightmare for businesses with parking facilities that need to monitor access of vehicles in and out of the facility.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of businesses have discovered an easy solution to control access to their parking facilities and offer parking priority for employees and visitors. The simple answer is parking tags.

When you use parking tags, you ensure that only authorized cars and other vehicles are permitted access to your facility. This helps you identify which cars are trespassing or are parked in the wrong areas. You can even use parking tags to assign parking spaces to your employees and visitors. A dedicated parking space creates a feeling of confidence, improves morale, and lets the person know that they are thought of. Most importantly, it provides a sense of security in the knowledge that someone is looking after them and their car.

There are parking tags for regular users, visitors, and even for handicapped users too. These tags are available in different sizes, shapes, colours, and wordings. There are even parking permit tags that come with serial numbers or bar codes that you or your parking attendants can use to check the status of the motorist –whether it is trespassing, is parked in the wrong location, or has some outstanding balances with your parking organization. You can even customize your own parking tags and add in your own message, image, or numbering.

With all the options available on parking tags today, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right one for you.  But don’t worry; to get the most out of your parking tags, here are some tips on how to select the best parking tags for you:

  •  On deciding what type of parking tag to use. There are three main choices – hanging tags, decals, or stickers. These parking permit tags are usually plastic but they can also be made of vinyl, polyester, and even cardstock. Hanging tags can be easily transferred to another vehicle when the authorized user needs to switch cars without destroying the tag. On the other hand, stickers or decals are the more permanent option when you need to securely display your tags. A good tip is to make sure your parking tags are uniform throughout your facility or designated areas to avoid confusions or mishaps in the future.
  •  On choosing your design. Look for tags that stand out and are clearly visible even when displayed from inside the car. You can even go the extra mile by adding your own branding to your tags, such as company colour and logo, for easy identification, and recall.
  •  On choosing ink colour. Simple works; so steer clear of multiple colours. A strong standout colour such as black, red, or blue against a white or yellow background makes it easy to read the message in your parking tags.
  •  On fonts and additional text. Use a font that is clear and readable even from a distance such as: Arial, Times Roman, or Helvetica. Avoid using curvy, special, or whimsical fonts. These are not only hard to read, but can look tacky as well.

If you are going to customize your message, make it is short and sweet. Since space is limited, only put important wordings such as “Parking Permit” or date of expiry. If you need to add more motorists’ info, a bar code or identifying license tag number will do. You can just refer to the bar code or number to get additional information.

If this is your first time to encounter parking tags, the tips above will make your life easier come purchase time. If you are a veteran parking tag user or purchaser, these will help you assess if the parking tags you have been using are efficient or if you need to stock up on other parking tags that will be fit the needs of your parking facility. Remember, you as business owner or parking manager have the responsibility of making sure that your parking facility is efficient, safe and secure.

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