Setmark Pipe Markers Now Available in Smaller 8XSM Size!

Setmark 8XSM Pipe Markers

When laying down piping for any complex structure, keeping every pipe marked and organized is a critical aspect of the construction process. You can accomplish this task by using pipe markers and employing regulation-compliant pipe marking equipment and techniques.

Keeping your pipes well-marked will prevent accidents, injuries and costly damage, as well as ensuring your compliance with safety regulations!

However, not every kind of pipe is easy to mark with pipe labels. Pipes that are particularly short, have a small diameter, or are located in difficult-to-reach areas can be hard to mark with existing sizes and formats of pipe marker labels in the market.

With that in mind, you may wish to consider obtaining Setmark® pipe markers in the newly available 8XSM size! 8XSM is the newest and most compact format of pipe marker and is well-suited to marking pipes with a diameter of 3/8” through 1/2”. This includes many of the smallest and easiest-to-miss portions of your facility’s piping infrastructure. With a variety of legends to choose from, you can mark the thin-diameter pipes for hot-water supply with Heating Hot Water Supply Pipe Markers, or mark hard-to-reach pipes for cold-water supply with Domestic Cold Water Supply Pipe Markers that fit just right.

As with any other Setmark® pipe marker, the 8XSM size offers a wide variety of fully compliant marking symbols and wording. The 8XSM size allows a colour field of 8” with up to 35 easily readable 5/16” letters for custom pipe markers. They can withstand an intense range of temperatures up to 120°F, making them ideal for any pipe.

With this new size of pipe marking tools available to you and your facility, you can be sure that you’ll have every safety and regulatory base covered!

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