Smart Security Solution: Tamper-Evident Seals

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Indicative seals or tamper-evident seals are essential tools in securing, shipment, utilities, doors, and containers.  Some people may consider seals and locks as interchangeable security devices. And while both are security solutions, seals are not designed to actually withstand entry. Many seal variants are made of paper or plastic, easily removed by simple cutting tools. And while a lock can be put back in place after opening, a security seal cannot be effectively reattached once it has been cut.

Making Items Tamper-Proof

What seals do is provide clear evidence of tampering. This is accomplished precisely by means of the comparatively light materials seals are made of, which clearly display cuts, breaks, twists, and other signs of tampering. Then, during the process of inspection, personnel can take note of any instance of unauthorized access that has occurred.

Unlike other security systems, seals provide a unique testimony that the integrity of an item remains intact throughout a given process (production, shipment, inventory, etc), for the benefit of manufacturers, carriers, buyers, inspectors and other officials.

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Low on Hassle, High on Security

Among the various options are easy-to-install, self-locking seals that afford convenient security, many of which are available on Seton. Others may even secure cages, equipment, and other heavier items. All these options are available in different colours, and can be customized with company-specific logos and serial numbers.

To further improve security and tracking, a lot of seal options come with numbering. Thus, even when a seal is cut off and replaced afterwards with an identical variant, the numbering convention will be off, providing further evidence of unauthorized access. Also, when properly tracked, security seals prevent the entry of illegal items into the country.

Customizing tamper-evident seals doesn’t need a lot of time or investment. Seton, for example, features an online DYO (Design Your Own) app where customers can upload their own logos, enter their specific texts and number formats, add to cart and get their customized seals delivered in as little as 5 days.

Tamper-evident seals is one of the most practical security solutions for every business. They afford users with a convenient means of securing items without having to rely on specialized machinery. Not only do seals prevent unauthorized and illegal access, they help improve a facility’s workflow and everyday processes. This in turn increases the facility’s productivity, performance, and overall well-being.


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