Spotlight on Warehouse Aisle Floor Markers


Warehouses – especially larger ones – are always a buzz of activity. Powered industrial trucks moving in and around aisles; workers filling shelves with stocks, retrieving these for shipment or taking inventory; maintenance performing emergency maintenance or housekeeping chores are just some examples of daily warehouse activities.

With all this going on, sometimes all at once, ensuring operations run as smoothly – not to mention as safely – as possible can be a bit of a challenge. With this challenge in mind, we at Seton developed a line of markers designed to make warehouse activities more efficient, namely warehouse aisle floor markers.

Aisle identification for more efficient – and safe – task resolution

Most warehouses would have some form of aisle identification system, usually in the form of aisle signs. These types of signs attach to the side of racks either flush or extending outward a bit. While these do a fair enough job of identifying aisles there is a likelihood these can be obscured largely because of how they’re positioned, i.e. on the side of a warehouse rack.

Our new warehouse aisle floor markers feature three factors that make these easier to see than conventional warehouse aisle signs:

•A highly noticeable design – our new aisle floor markers feature a design that “jumps out” at you, letting you know exactly what aisle you’re at.
•A large diameter – at 17” dia., these floor markers are easy to see even from a relatively far distance.
•Floor mounting – being floor mounted, there is a lesser danger these floor signs will be obscured from view.
•Subsurface printing – subsurface printing ensures the marker won’t fade significantly.
•A Lexan topcoat – Lexan is chemically resistant also adding to the markers durability.

Another notable feature of our new warehouse aisle markers is these feature significant anti-slip properties. What this means is, these new floor markers can also help prevent slip and fall accidents.
When properly installed, our warehouse aisle floor markers allow your workers to more efficiently traverse even a really large warehouse. This equates to time saved performing the various tasks at hand.

A Friendly Reminder

Please keep in mind, while our aisle floor markers can enhance both efficiency and safety in your warehouse, nothing beats good old-fashioned training to ensure both. Make sure to train your workers regarding your establishment’s safety protocols, including working around forklifts and other powered industrial trucks and housekeeping principles.


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