Stanchions: For Effective Crowd & Traffic Control

600x250_origlargeCrowd and traffic control is a must for any site that expects a lot of traffic from people or vehicles. Even with only a few users of the area, having a controlled space can make your place a whole lot easier to manage. It’s time to start making your queue and crowd management more efficient with crowd control equipment.

Traffic Control Persons (TCP), in particular, are required to provide some form of regulation on traffic flow in the facilities they manage. Let’s take a page out of their books and discuss one of the most common crowd control tools they use: stanchions.

A stanchion is the easiest solution to all your traffic and crowd control problems. These crowd control barriers direct guests and motorists to where they need to go and block areas off so people and vehicles cannot enter. This effective crowd controller also helps avoid incidents of stampedes or other crowd-related deadly mishaps from happening.

Stanchions are commonly used for large events, concerts, malls, marketplaces,  sporting events, and anywhere a large number of people gather. They are also utilized for site security in construction sites and in onsite traffic management.

Stanchions are available in many forms, each with specific applications. Here are the five types of stanchions you need to know:

Ropes and Poles

This is the most traditional and commonly used stanchion. You can spot them indoors or outdoors in music halls, movie theatres, museums, amusements parks, and even on the Red Carpet. These classic rope-and-post barrier provide an elegant feel to queuing and crowd control. Use this to direct traffic, maintain order, and block-off no access areas effectively in a stylish manner.

Retractable Belt Stanchion

Think of retractable belt stanchions as the star of the crowd control industry. These modern, multipurpose retractable belt stanchions offer versatility to queue management since they can easily expand and retract to adjust to the size and flow of the crowd.  Belted stanchions are available in a variety of finishes. You can even customize the belts with your own logos, graphics, or messages to truly make it your own. They are also available in different configurations such as  single-belted, double-belted, and low-level “exhibit height” stanchions that are used to block-off sensitive exhibits without obstructing the display.

Wall-Mounted Belts

These are ideal for areas where you don’t want to take up valuable floor space. These belt barriers effectively restrict access to aisles, hallways, corridors, and gangways with ease. It features a slow-retract mechanism for safety and can be customized to feature your own message, logo or graphics. You can use them solo or combined with other posts, this provides an opportunity to reduce costs by cutting down on security personnel who do the same job!

300x450Outdoor Utility Stanchions

As the name implies, the design and material for this type is used outside. These utility stanchion can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor events , construction work, recreation parks, and school yards. These high-visibility crowd barriers are the practical and economical solution for any outdoor crowd control need.

Stainless Steel Posts

Use these to create boundaries for crowd management and thresholds – be it indoors or outdoors. These durable crowd barriers are used to control aggressive crowds, block access, prevent theft, and stop trespassing. They are also ideal for use in zoos to prevent animals from wandering away.

Before selecting stanchions for your needs, you need to answer two important questions. First, “How many people are in the crowd?,” and second, “What areas are accessible and restricted?” This will help you in determining what kind of stanchions will you need for your facility. Remember as with any location, safety should be top priority, and it is no different when managing a crowd.


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