Express Lock Program: Lockout Safety In A Jiffy

Custom Master Lock Steel PadlocksThe workplace is full of potential energy and electrical hazards. Failure to control the release of hazardous energy discharges while servicing or maintaining equipment can result in some of the most severe injuries in the workplace. The best way to deal with this is by implementing lockout practices. Observing proper lockout not only keeps your workers and facility safe, it also lets you comply with safety regulations.

If you haven’t already established a lockout-tagout program in your facility, now is the time to do so. But be aware that time is of the essence when it comes to security and safety, which means you need to start putting that program to work now!

One of the first things you need to do is make sure your security padlocks are in place. If your padlock supply is running low, or if the results of your recent lockout-tagout assessment require you to change or update your existing locks, then you need to stock up on your lockout supplies. Usually, there is a standard two to three weeks lead time for the padlocks you ordered to arrive, which is not ideal in this scenario because any delays can compromise the safety and security of your employees and your workplace. Here at Seton Canada, we have got that covered.

We offer a new quick ship program for certain Master Lock® and American Lock® safety products. If your facility is scheduled for an inspection, your factory needs to be shutdown, or for any other safety lockout or security concerns where you need padlocks or other lockout accessories fast, our Express Lock program will ensure that you receive your custom padlocks fast! How fast? Well with this new feature, your Master Lock® and American lock® padlocks orders will be ready to ship UPS Ground twenty four hours from the day you ordered! This means you will receive your orders in approximately one to five days after shipment!Custom American Lock® Aluminum Padlocks

So how does it work? The whole process is actually quite easy. After placing an order online or over the telephone for your lockout products and accessories, your order will be manufactured within 24 hours of placing your order. After 24 hours, your padlocks will be ready to ship via UPS Ground. Just remember to place your order by 2 p.m. CST, and you must indicate in your order that this is an Express Lock program purchase. Then sit back, relax, and in no time, your custom padlocks will be arriving at your doorstep!

So really, getting your workplace fitted for lockout-tagout is not that difficult. You just need to make sure that your lockout-tagout program is well-constructed, effective, and updated. Regularly conduct training and refreshers for your workers and get them involved in your campaign for a safer, and accident-free workplace.


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