8 Proven Money-Saving Warehouse Organization Tips


An organized warehouse is an efficient one. When your facility is organized and clean, you can easily track and locate all your stored assets. Lack of order can lead to serious problems in your warehouse, so it’s important that your assets are stored in a way that makes sense.

Here are 8 basic tips for efficiently organizing your warehouse:

Toss away trash

Taking care of your trash is a great place to start. Purge all of the garbage just sitting there and gathering dust. Discard empty boxes, leftover cardboard, worthless stacks of files  – anything that doesn’t have value to your organization anymore. Make sure you have garbage receptacles nearby so your trash doesn’t create another pile to clean later. You can even consider selling some items. You’ve now cleared valuable space, which means lower costs for additional storage space down the road.

Arrange assets by category

Chances are, your assets fall under multiple categories, so it’s wiser to sort them by category and not by product. For example, if you are a clothing manufacturer, you can store shirts in one section and pants in another. Making your categories broad and general will make storing more streamlined.

Kwik Fix R3000 ShelvingStack high

By storing your assets vertically instead of horizontally, you will save precious floor space and make your warehouse look tidier. Be careful not to create stacks that are dangerously high or just too high to reach. Utilize storage and industrial shelving systems so your items are neatly stacked on one another.

Arrange according to weight

Keep heavy items lower and the lighter ones on top. This will prevent injuries and major product loss, and is particularly helpful if you don’t have a machine picking inventory for you.

Label everything

It’s frustrating to have to go through each item one by one just to find out what’s inside it. When everything is labelled, it makes it easier to keep inventory. It also protects your organization from time-consuming and expensive errors.

Stick photos to boxed items

Attaching photos on boxes also helps you know what’s inside, so there is no need to open them. Nothing looks more cluttered and  messy than half-opened boxes. Items are more prone to being misplaced, displaced or missing in this scenario.Anti-slip warehouse floor marking

Mark your aisles

Signs are a great way to communicate your safety messages and policies to workers and visitors. They also help you locate the aisle you’re looking for more efficiently . Warehouse floor markings are especially helpful in pointing out hazardous areas around your facility and indicating the proper precautions to take.

Clear your aisles

Never leave out any product or equipment in the middle of your aisles. These may pose a major safety threat, and could also begin to pile up and seriously affect your overall organization scheme. Assigning someone to keep aisles clear is a proactive solution to this concern.

As you can see, creating an efficient warehouse doesn’t need to be big deal. Sure, it may seem a huge task, especially if you have a big facility, but these steps don’t take up a whole lot of time and effort. You just need to plan properly and utilize all available warehouse supplies and tools to help you achieve your goal – an organized and efficient warehouse. When you achieve this, the improvement in your bottom line will surely follow soon.