Seton Canada: Giving Back To The Community

Seton Charities
Ho, ho – whoa!  Here come the holidays!

Yup, it won’t be long until we’re all cracking open presents, eating too much and spending time with the ones we love.

And as old Ebenezer Scrooge learned (and Scrooge McDuck, for that matter), the holidays are also a time to remember all that we have, and to help those who are less fortunate.

The good people at Seton Canada know this.

“We’re so fortunate to have good jobs and the lifestyle that comes with them,” says Caroline Winnel, Account Manager at Seton Canada, and one of the volunteer committee members.  “There are so many who are less fortunate. I think it’s our responsibility to give back and contribute to the community.”

Every month, staff members at Seton Canada select a charity to donate to.  The donations might be money, food, or clothing.

This December, the Seton charity of choice is The Richmond Hill Food Bank an independently run non-profit agency that is staffed by volunteers and helps those in need.

The food drive runs until December 14th.

Working alongside with Winnel on the Seton volunteer committee is Linda O’Donnell from Seton’s Customer Service department and Sherry Currie, the company’s Quoter.

In order to do all they can to boost donations for the food drive, and as a fun incentive, the entire Seton team can wear jeans to work to every day – as long as they bring a food donation every day. That means there’s been a lot of denim in the office recently.

On top of that, all donations that the Seton Canada team brings in are matched by the corporate office in the United States.

But December 15th doesn’t signal an end to the work that Seton does for charity.

Each month the Seton volunteers meet to choose a charity that they will be supporting for the following month.  Their choices are usually based on seasonal charities such as Movember and Breast Cancer Month.

Along with raising money and food, they help organize and facilitate different ways for people to get involved in the organization. “We like to do special things to raise money but we also need to get people involved to make it work,” says Winnel.

Other worthy causes that they have supported include:

Winnel is excited about her upcoming work tutoring high risk youth through JVS. “Both myself, Sherry Currie and volunteer leader, Shehzad Hamza will be trained as tutors by Frontier College,” she says. “And once the training is complete, we will each be tutoring a student, once a week for a 10 week period to help them in attaining their GED. At the end of the ten week period, we will be attending the graduation ceremony for the students that we have tutored.”

And there’s a lot more coming up for 2013 says Winnel. “We have lots of plans for the new year. We’re hoping to get more people donating more of their time. We’ll be getting more involved in the community, there will be more memorable moments ahead of us. I look forward to them. Those are the times when you get life changing moments.”

What causes do you support?  Tell us about them and we might run a feature on your charitable endeavours.