Sized to Help: First Aid Kit Sizes for Your Workplace

General Purpose First Aid Kits

Any workplace should come with a first aid kit or two. You never know when injuries might happen, so you must be prepared to deal with such eventualities with some workplace first aid.

What’s not always clear, however, is just how many first aid kits you need for a given workplace. Providing an adequate amount of occupational first aid to as many people as needed is just as important as having it in the first place.

Thankfully, Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations cover this topic in their SOR/86-304 mandate and classify first aid kits based on your employee count.

Type A First Aid Kits

Type A first aid kits often carry enough supplies to deal with minor injuries in a workplace or work shift of two to five workers. They include emergency blankets, face shields, examination gloves, and 10 to 12 plastic bandages and antiseptic swabs to deal with the most common types of injuries.

Workplace First Aid KitsType B First Aid Kits

Type B first aid kits are designed to cover workplace first aid for six or more workers. This wide range allows kits to deal with a broad spectrum of the so-called “injury density”, treating many minor wounds or a few more serious ones, depending on the gravity of the situation. Plan accordingly, and always keep spare kits nearby.

Type C First Aid Kits

Type C first aid kits are required for shifts of about the same size that requires Type B first aid kits (six or more workers), but must be equipped to deal with cases that require a first aid attendant with more advanced training (at least a standard first aid certificate or greater). These kits are ideal for workplaces with greater hazards or more complex threats.

Type D First Aid Kits Type D first aid kits are optimized for personal use, ideal for workers who work alone or travel in small vehicles such as snowmobiles or small aircraft. These kits carry less supplies but are easily portable and can be used with minimal effort.

Make sure your available first aid supplies are both compliant with regulations as well as adequate for any task or emergency!