Good Safety Blogs & Online Magazines (Part II)

Safety Blogs

We promised to feature more of our favourite safety blogs, online magazines and other internet resources, and true to our word, here they are! We hope they help you find reliable safety-based information to help you prepare and plan for a safer workplace in the coming year.

1. As a resource, I recommend the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health. This is not a blog or magazine, per se, but it is a fascinating and comprehensive construction resource filled with everything you could possibly want to know. It is sponsored by The Centre for Construction Research and Training.

Divided into three categories, Hazards, Trades and Jobsites, you’ll find PowerPoint’s and Presentations, pictures, podcasts & audio and videos, plus toolbox talks, training materials, handouts and research reports. There’s also a section called “What’s New.” Related links are mostly American with a few European references and there are some intriguing links that might give you helpful info.

2. The Canadian Occupational and Safety Magazine is a leading online magazine/resource covering all aspects of workplace safety in Canada. Wide-ranging in scope, Editor Mari-Len De Guzman has assembled an excellent stable of freelance reporters and writers covering the latest occupational safety related news and views. As well, she has an archive of videos on training, safety management, OHS Regulations, Personal Protection and other subjects vital to all employers.

This is a site that has so much to offer, including webinars and a subscriber newsletter, plus surveys from the COS Reader Panel on all aspects of workplace health safety issues and concerns.

3. Dave Weber of Safety Awakenings has an active LinkedIn group called Free Safety Workplace Resources for anyone working in construction and interested in safety on the job. This group is one of the most popular and fast growing online. LinkedIn is a powerful resource for professionals. Weber has quickly built up a following of more than 1,000 people with valuable safety related knowledge to share in many on going discussions. For LinkedIn users, this is a group to join.

Two more LinkedIn Groups are worth mentioning.

4. The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

5. The Construction Health and Safety Group

LinkedIn Groups is a powerful resource. Joining a LinkedIn group can result in benefitting from the experiences and wisdom of a variety of members. It’s a great place to ask questions and initiate discussions of specific problems. .

Both these groups focus strongly on construction safety and many members are anxious to participate in discussions. By posting questions and getting involved in other members’ discussions, you’ll get a lot out of these groups. Even just observing the action is highly instructional and informative.

We know there are a lot more great blogs and online resources out there and we’d love to hear from you about yours. So please share it (and the link) with us. The more we can learn from you the better we’ll all be.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year.


Good Safety Blogs & Online Magazines (Part I)

Photograph by Dave Weber

Photograph by Dave Weber

Online information about construction and safety – blogs, online magazines and LinkedIn sites – can overwhelm you. It’s a vast community where there are so many choices. Some are better than others. How do you know where to find the best, most reliable, accurate, up-to-date information that suits your specific needs?

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d share some of our favourite sites where we know the information is solid and sound.

1. Alberta-based safety consultant and author Alan D. Quilley CRSP hosts Safety Results, “a place to discuss safety results and how to create it.” This is one of the most useful, practical and entertaining construction safety blogs I’ve encountered. It’s filled with videos, cartoons, pictures, advice and nuggets of information to help you re-think your approach to safety and help you create a “safety culture” at work.

Quilley is a knowledgeable and reliable safety expert and consultant who designs and manages safety programs for corporations all over North America. He’s written three books, including the bestselling The Emperor Has No Hard Hat, Achieving Real Workplace Safety Results. He’s informative, enlightening and best of all, he has a terrific sense of humour. In fact, the writers for the Seton videos have, on more than one occasion, consulted with Quilley and tapped into his sense of humour – as well as his vast knowledge.

2. Safety Awakenings is a comprehensive and popular online magazine where owner Dave Weber, CSP posts and shares a virtual encyclopedia of resources to help you train your workforce and run a safe organization – and he’s always right on the money. Besides his short, daily, timely posts, like “100 Winter Safety Resources,” you’ll find hundreds of Tool Box Safety Talks, loads of training Power Points and videos, safety Apps, and solutions to construction problems you’re bound to encounter.

Ask him a question and he’ll respond quickly. One reader chose Safety Awakenings as his all-time favourite. “I like Safety Awakenings,” he said. “It has a large collection of helpful materials that you can go to when you need something urgently.”  Besides running this blog, Dave Weber is a superb photographer and his nature photos illustrate this blog. He generously contributed the photograph that illustrates this story. Please contact him if you would like to purchase either a photographic print or a license to use any of his images.

3. Modern Safety is the blog of – “safety made simple.” Timely frequent posts include videos and short tidbits of information that zero-in on specific solutions related to Inspection and Safety Compliance Management. Posts are practical, with good links to other helpful sources including news reports. Fully involved in all social media, you can easily comment or share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

4. WCB Workers’ Compensation Board Alberta WorkSIGHT MAGAZINE is a spectacular-looking online PDF magazine featuring hard-hitting, practical construction safety stories that really pack a punch. For example, in “Message in a Bottle,” the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) demonstrates how it dramatically reversed its previously high time loss injury claim rate by developing a sound health and safety program and following through with it.

Here’s what President Guy West says, “Without a doubt, we would not have achieved what we did without the willingness of our employees to buy-in to a health and safety environment. I would say take your time and develop a safety plan that best suits your company and your employees. Understand that results take time, but you can get there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Finally, there is one thing we should all think about and that is that at the end of the day employees want to go home to their families injury-free.” Every story in this magazine is worth reading.

5. Reporting on the Canadian Construction Industry, Daily Commercial News  has a special section on Occupational Health and Safety and it’s a must- read. This daily is an important news source if you’re in any aspect of construction, including steel, concrete, demolition, road building, water & wastewater, green building, sewer & water main, heavy equipment and skills training.

Straightforward, informative articles will keep you up to date on all major news stories related to Canada’s construction industry and all its sectors. It’s easy to navigate and necessary for the occupational health and safety of your workers and for an overview of your field.

But with so many great resources out there, we couldn’t stop at just five, so please check back on Thursday for part II of our spotlight on some of the blogs, magazines and Linkedin groups we couldn’t be without.