Environmentally Friendly Spill Control Products

Oil Spill

June 1-7 is  Canadian Environment Week, which is a time to celebrate progress that’s been made to preserve and protect our natural habitats and recognize there is still work to be done. This year’s theme is “Strengthening Our Environment Today for Tomorrow” which touches on the fact that our behaviors have long term effects on health, quality of life, and the economy. The actions of individuals and businesses are both important for protecting Canada’s environmental treasures, including the longest coastline in the world at 243,000-kilometres.

Oil spills, resulting from both large tankers along the coast or small leaks at your facility, have a lasting impact on our surroundings.  Dripping hydraulic machines are not only messy but result in increased power consumption. It’s best to avoid these leaks in the first place through proper maintenance, but if they do happen be sure to choose the best materials to clean them up as soon as possible.

Be prepared with right products, including, eco-friendly spill containment products which are both budget friendly and made from recycled materials. The universal sorbents can actually absorb up to 50% more than the usual polypropylene sorbents.  Better absorption means great savings because less materials are needed to clean up the same spill!

Environmentally friendly spill control products also come with perforations to let responders use only the amount they need to contain the hazard. Earth-friendly absorbent pads and rolls are also made of self-extinguishing and abrasion-resistant materials, which make them safe and durable.

So this Canadian Environment Week, let’s make a pledge to prevent spills or at least be prepared to clean them up with eco-friendly products.