The Human Side of Workplace Wellness


Ideally your workers are committed to the task at hand, but we all know there is much more to life than that. Most of us are working to live, correct? So don’t shy away from discussing how connecting with others in the workplace and the local community can be beneficial. Connected, happy workers are productive workers. Show them you care, and increase morale and longevity with these simple ideas:

  • Involve employees in company-wide community service projects, encouraging them to submit ideas regularly
  • Designate social and/or volunteer committees so that people who might not ordinarily work together can connect and collaborate
  • Encourage workers to pursue social opportunities inside and outside the workplace
  • Create a Volunteer Time Policy, where workers get paid for one community service day per year
  • Organize on-site wellness seminars and workshops, highlighting –
    • stress reduction
    • connecting with others
    • work/life balance
    • community volunteerism
  • Develop opportunities for workers to connect at lunch and during breaks (walking clubs/contests support physical wellness as well!)

Empowering your workers to make connections that matter in the workplace and community will create a culture of pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment. Fulfilled, active employees are healthier, and better able to help meet the goals of the business. Join Excellence Canada in celebrating Healthy Workplace Month as they look at this and other important aspects of workplace wellness.

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