The Ins and Outs of Managing Hallways


As we continue to dive into all aspects of facility management this month, we thought we’d encourage you to take a look at your hallways. Especially during winter months, when workers and visitors can track in lots of water and debris, preventing slips and falls in these areas should be a top priority. Read on for more ways to ensure people stay safe as they navigate through your facility.

  • Reduce wet or slippery surfaces by utilizing proper matting both outside and inside of doorways
  • Consider using anti-slip floor tapes or treatments, where applicable
  • Set up floor stands to indicate wet, dirty, or otherwise hazardous areas that people should avoid
  • Clean up all spills immediately and properly, or call someone who can (this means keeping a supply of mops and other janitorial supplies on hand at all times)
  • Train employees on procedures and processes regarding cleaning and reporting
  • Exit signs, fire alarms, and egress routes should be clearly indicated and unobstructed
  • Maintain ample lighting at all times
  • Avoid stringing cords, cables or air hoses across hallways
  • Report any loose or broken flooring
  • Clear any clutter, tools, trash, materials or equipment that may have accumulated
  • Move any stacked boxes or files OUT of the hallway, keeping in mind these sensible stacking tips:
  1. Avoid stacking materials too high
  2. Keep stacks straight, an irregular stack is more likely to fall
  3. Pay special attention to irregular and oddly shaped items, making sure they do not extend into aisles and walkways
  4.  Avoid stacking materials too close to fire sprinklers, as close objects can render sprinklers ineffective

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