Enform: The Go-To Place for Safety

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With a major corporate shuffle, revitalized objectives and a new product focused on occupational safety for young and inexperienced workers, a long overdue spotlight is shining on Enform, the premier safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry.

When Cameron MacGillivray took Enform’s helm as President & CEO last year, he brought a clear commitment to give this association a higher profile and a more powerful voice as a safety advocate, training, product and service provider and the leading resource for the Canadian Petroleum Industry.

“Our goal is for Enform to be the go-to place for safety,” MacGillivray said. “Even though Enform is a non-profit organization, we are running a business and that means defining clear objectives and priorities and continually improving.”

These new objectives include:

  • Improving performance.
  • Enhancing operational integrity.
  • Raising organizational effectiveness.
  • Evolving with the industry.

Another addition to Enform’s corporate team is geophysicist and business analyst Jeff Rose, Chief Operating Officer, who will oversee business practices and implement a new strategic plan.

“I have been where safety hits the road – from offshore drilling to seismic, from building pipelines to fracking. I know the importance of safety,” he said.

Enform has four major priorities:

  • As the upstream oil and gas industry’s leading resource for proven safety and training programs last year, 220,000 certificates were issued to oil and gas workers across three western provinces.
  • As a strong safety advocate, with a number of safety resources  that promote and foster a safety culture, Enform is staying ahead of the learning curve, transforming attitudes and changing behaviours on the job.
  • As a facilitator Enform is structured to bring groups together to communicate openly about safety issues and reach consensus on shared challenges in this rapidly growing and developing sector.
  • As a provider of wide range of important and timely products and services that will continually improve worker safety performance and company systems within the industry.

Enform recently introduced a free online safety awareness-training program, eGSO – Electronic General Safety Orientation – to complement employers’ existing orientation programs for new and inexperienced workers.

“The industry is our customer and Enform has a wealth of resources that can be used to its advantage,” MacGillivray said.

Those resources and a wealth of knowledge will be the focus of Enform’s 2013 Petroleum Safety Conference “Owning Safety” from May 5-10 in Banff, Alberta.

Though a thorough evaluation of systems and processes to crystallize how Enform can best meet the industry’s needs is being conducted, management activities ultimately boil down one basic fundamental – making sure people go home safely every night.

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