Working Outside Again: Stay Safe in the Work Zone


As the winter weather starts to become a memory, more and more work zones will appear as the warmer weather arrives to Canada.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your workers on the job site.  Effective traffic control—using signs, flashing arrow boards, barricades, cones, traffic lights, traffic control persons (TCPs), and other methods—is one way in which to manage traffic flow.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation, employers must provide effective traffic control when traffic could put workers at risk.

When traffic control is required, employers must follow these rules related to the placement of traffic control signs and devices:

  • Traffic control signs and devices must be positioned and used as specified in the Traffic Control Manual and signs and devices must be located to allow traffic to move by or through the work area in a controlled manner and, if necessary, to come to a controlled stop with due regard for the prevailing weather and road conditions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all traffic control signs and devices must be installed and removed in a sequence which best protects workers during this phase of a traffic control operation.
  • A sign advising of a traffic control person ahead must be placed in advance of each traffic control person’s station, and this sign must be removed promptly when a traffic control person is no longer on duty at that station. *

* The previous rule does not apply during emergency or brief duration work when it is not practicable to place such a sign, provided that sight lines and traffic speed allow oncoming traffic adequate warning of the work activity taking place.

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